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Acupuncture is a holistic method  of medicine, which has existed for many centuries. By  accurate positioning of needles it stimulates the flow of

energy in the body and mobilizes the human self-regulating mechanism. The flow of energy Qi moves through the meridians of our body. If it is

blocked, this may result in functional disorders and finally in the outbreak of diseases.

In my medical practice acupuncture is applied as a supplementary treatment to manual and osteopathical therapy.

The following disorders are mainly treated:

• Painful functional disorders of the locomotor system
• Headache,tinnitus, migraine, dizziness
• Facial neuralgia, facial paralysis
• Chronic diseases of the ear, nose and throat region, allergies
• Pre-natal health care
• Support for smoking cessation and loss of weight

For children a painless laser is used instead of needles.



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