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Osteopathy was established by the American doctor  Andrew Still around the middle of the nineteenth century. It was developed further mainly in

the USA,France, England and Belgium. For some decades this holistic method has been taught and applied also in German speaking countries.

In all parts of our body there is a steady flow of movement, chemical reaction and mechanic tensions. If all the structures of our body are in

balance and disturbing influences can be fought off by the body itself, we are healthy.

But if there are too many external and internal  disruptive factors – e.g. accidents, diseases, emotional burdens  and unhealthy lifestyle—which 

the  body itself  is no longer in a position to cope with, we will fall ill.

By using palpation the osteopath tries to locate these blockades, to  loosen them up and to stimulate the organism to mobilize ist self-regulating


For this purpose various osteopathic techniques  are applied, e.g. craniosakraltherapy and muscular and visceral techniques.

Soft manual impulses are exerted on joints, muscles, soft tissue and organs, which  help the body to regain its balance and health in a holistic


Basically every person can have osteopathic treatment. Exceptions are people with severe acute and chronic diseases like cancer, acute heart

diseases, high-grade psychiatic disorders etc.

Osteopathy is a comprehensive, accompanying  and supplementary method, which, however, does not replace an allopathic examination  of functional


The areas of application of osteopathy are extremely varied. In my medical practice I mainly treat the following:
• Disorders and pains of the locomotor system
• Headache, migraine, dizziness, tinnitus
• Disorders of the masticatory apparatus, disphagia
• Troubles in the ear, nose and throat region
• Diseases of the respiratory system
• Digestive disorders, urinary incontinence
• Conditions after accidents and operations
• Menstrual disturbances, pre-natal and post-natal health care, child wish
• Babies with sleep disorders and failure to thrive, conditions after severe birth, skull asymmetry
• Children with recurring respiratory infects, scoliosis, torticollis (wry neck) or other disturbances of the locomotor system, dental

deformities, developmental delay, behavioral problems.

As an osteopath I give assistance for self-healing.



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