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Medical Activities
Motion/Movement Analysis
Medical Activities

As a general  practitioner, a specialist in physical medicine and doctor of osteopathy  I offer:

• Diagnosis of functional deficiences and pain syndromes of the locomotor system in the way of holistic medicine.
• Developing  of a therapy plan after consulting x- rays , MT etc. whatever may be necessary
• Therapeutical measures
• Application  of acupuncture for pains of the locomotor system, allergies, chronic inflammation , pre-natal health care, smoking cessation,

losing of weight etc.
• Laser acupuncture for children for allergies,stubborn infections etc.


 A certain percentage of my fee is refunded to you by your health insurance.


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Dr. Elisabeth Merkinger D.O.* Kafkastrasse 9 / 2 / 80 1020 Wien*